Take the indoor LCD screen and stretch it out to fit an entire wall–or even multiple walls–and you’ve got the video wall. With little to no bezeled edge and a virtually seamless look, it’s the biggest, boldest, and most eye-catching way to advertising or decorate for an event or party. Hiring professionals to install a rental video wall is the fastest way to take a get-together and transform it into an A-list party. From proms to promotions for a new car or product launches, these video walls have been used all over the world to spice up the atmosphere and bring color to the world.

Each video wall is different because it’s built to the situation at hand. One wall might be supported by an actual wall in an interior area, while another is built as a free-standing structure to act as a partition in a larger space. We’re experienced with both types of projects and can design any type of video wall you dream up. Since LCD panels can fit together carefully to create screens of nearly any size, you only need to give us a clear description of your vision and we’ll design it for you. All the wiring and other details are tucked away out of sight behind the screen for a beautiful experience.

How PixelFly Can Help


  • Strategic planning custom tailored to your project’s¬†needs, budget and schedule.
  • Develop a detailed content strategy plan that describes the types and mix of content to be displayed ¬†according to your brand and objective.
  • We create Visual Renderings and Mockups of the project in the planning phase in order to best evaluate the best strategy, equipment, and specifications for the task at hand.
  • We do the project management, collaborating alongside retailers, architects, designers, integrators and technical staff to ensure a flawless execution. You can rest easy and trust the details are being handled with the same level of scrutiny that you would give.
  • System installation and setup using the most advanced digital signage software and hardware. From integration, programming, testing and delivering, to workflow setup and user training.
  • Technical Support and monitoring making sure your project is functional and operational to keep the show running 24/7.

Interested in working with us?

We are looking forward to discussing how we can help make Digital Signage and AV Installations easier to work for you and your brand.