For some projects, projection is the only way to go. Since light is displayed on a screen or surface rather than on a back lit glass as with an LCD screen, there’s a different quality to the display. For example, projecting an art exhibit onto the wall of a building with many crenelations and features creates a completely different statement than if it was shown on a flat surface. When projection is the easiest, fastest, or best way to communicate your message, we can help you achieve your large format display goals.

Setting up projection for a stage show requires a completely different mindset than when displaying an interactive menu on a small scale, but we have experience with both and many other deployments. It’s simply a matter of choosing a display surface or screen, choosing a matching projector, and fine-tuning the details to create a beautiful clear image of any size. Projection is also more adaptable for situations where large objects or hanging installations are not appropriate since the projector is small and requires less space. If you’re not sure what display method is best for your situation, we can make recommendations between display screens and projection.

Projection Mapping

Church Stage Projection

How PixelFly Can Help


  • Strategic planning custom tailored to your project’s needs, budget and schedule.
  • Develop a detailed content strategy plan that describes the types and mix of content to be displayed  according to your brand and objective.
  • We create Visual Renderings and Mockups of the project in the planning phase in order to best evaluate the best strategy, equipment, and specifications for the task at hand.
  • We do the project management, collaborating alongside retailers, architects, designers, integrators and technical staff to ensure a flawless execution. You can rest easy and trust the details are being handled with the same level of scrutiny that you would give.
  • System installation and setup using the most advanced digital signage software and hardware. From integration, programming, testing and delivering, to workflow setup and user training.
  • Technical Support and monitoring making sure your project is functional and operational to keep the show running 24/7.

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We are looking forward to discussing how we can help make Digital Signage and AV Installations easier to work for you and your brand.