With plenty of resolution options, LED screens are easily designed to view from far distances as well as up close. Combine that with advanced cases and weatherproofing that prevents damage to the screen and you’ve got a dynamic outdoor display solution. Outdoor LED screens adapt to difficult conditions and provide stable service for years with proper care and maintenance. These screens are already widely used at:

Gas Stations

Fast Food Restaurants


Advertising Wall Displays

Signage in Las Vegas and Beyond



Public Parks

Depending on how the LED display system is configured, you can play a wide range of files and rotate through an entire library of material. This means you can deliver news, announce sales, warn about hazards, display local content like weather forecasts, and much more all on the same screen. Why settle for a basic billboard when you can maximize your advertising space and earnings by rotating through an entire range of ads? LED screens are up to the challenges of exposure as long as they’re manufactured with outdoor use in mind from the beginning. The efficiency and low energy use of this type of signage also makes it quite a green choice, which is a potential marketing angle.

How PixelFly Can Help


  • Strategic planning custom tailored to your project’s¬†needs, budget and schedule.
  • Develop a detailed content strategy plan that describes the types and mix of content to be displayed ¬†according to your brand and objective.
  • We create Visual Renderings and Mockups of the project in the planning phase in order to best evaluate the best strategy, equipment, and specifications for the task at hand.
  • We do the project management, collaborating alongside retailers, architects, designers, integrators and technical staff to ensure a flawless execution. You can rest easy and trust the details are being handled with the same level of scrutiny that you would give.
  • System installation and setup using the most advanced digital signage software and hardware. From integration, programming, testing and delivering, to workflow setup and user training.
  • Technical Support and monitoring making sure your project is functional and operational to keep the show running 24/7.

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