Even signs that remain static most of the time are best executed on an LCD or LED screen. You may only change a menu or update a store directory for a mall once a year or so, but that still represents hundreds or even thousands of dollars in printing costs and installation labor. An LCD or LED screen have an upfront cost but costs very little to maintain and nearly nothing to update. The cost of ownership in the long term is less expensive than printing static displays. Imagine uploading a new file immediately to fix a misspelling, typo, or overlooked detail. It’s worth the investment to have so much control over the color of your store’s logo or what sale you’re advertising next.

Digital signage first emerged in the late 1990s with pixelated displays, but today’s technology is far more advanced. Full-color, high resolution, smooth scrolling displays provide a constant glow whether you’re displaying static signage or dynamic material. From museums to government buildings to nursing homes, digital signage offers solutions to all the common problems with signs. They’re easier to read, more responsive to change, easy to relocate as needed, don’t require much maintenance, and increase compliance with posted notices.


How PixelFly Can Help


  • Strategic planning custom tailored to your project’s needs, budget and schedule.
  • Develop a detailed content strategy plan that describes the types and mix of content to be displayed  according to your brand and objective.
  • We create Visual Renderings and Mockups of the project in the planning phase in order to best evaluate the best strategy, equipment, and specifications for the task at hand.
  • We do the project management, collaborating alongside retailers, architects, designers, integrators and technical staff to ensure a flawless execution. You can rest easy and trust the details are being handled with the same level of scrutiny that you would give.
  • System installation and setup using the most advanced digital signage software and hardware. From integration, programming, testing and delivering, to workflow setup and user training.
  • Technical Support and monitoring making sure your project is functional and operational to keep the show running 24/7.

Interested in working with us?

We are looking forward to discussing how we can help make Digital Signage and AV Installations easier to work for you and your brand.